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Parnas Arturia*RU

Mother - Impala Krasnyi Dar*RU
Father - Love Hulen's Country Joe

Parnassus in the new house has received a name Mars! But he is not militant cat, and tender both clever Coon, and gently favourite by the mistresses Anna and Maria!
The young aesthete always pulls to fine! Mars is 1 years and 4 months old.
The sweet boy - a sweet dream!
Lilies of the valley! Lilies of the valley!... Turn to Mars a head. 1 years and 2 months.
In 1 year and 1 month - a good cord!
Mars is 9 months old, and the bowl to him is already small!
The kid grows, to he is 6 months old!
The young football player! He is 5 months old.
Mars has abandoned the native house and has come in new - the owner! He is 4 months old.
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