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Mother - Jenabeau's Lucille
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Lotos's Dance is the dream of the breeder! And her uniqueness is not only in amazing color and in magnificent type, she on character - the girl on all of 100 %!!! Everything, that she does - she does it "to the full extent", she gives herself completely any "business"! She is the open, cheerful, tender child up to madness! We adore her! We "have infected" this love of new owners of a kitten! Antonina and Alexander love her very much, indulge, cherish, potter, as with own child. They have named kitty is Dezzi.
Their love is mutual! Dezzy is 11 months old.
Antonina and the favourite!
The hunter has killed a scorpion, toy, for fun!
She knows, that she - the Holiday!
Song to the Sun!
Chicken of tobacco, the top view.
Chicken of tobacco, the front view.
Here, as dances the Lotus!
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