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Mother - Farrago Farm Ghitte
Father - Ontario Arturia*RU

Beauty Ursulla and aristocratical Lanselot have left to Anna and Andrey Pavlenko for far Omsk! And not looking that there lived Mars, the adult Siberian, Coones have quickly accustomed and have made friends with the native!
Ursulla has a little grown and there was a copy of her mum Gitta. She is 6 months old.
Ursulla the trip on a summer residence too has puzzled!
Who has told, that we mew, we sing a song to Mum!
Fight smoothly passing in embraces!
Armistice on a watering place!
All family of cats gathering!
Ursulla and her second Mum Anna!
Ursulla has moved to the new house, she is 4 months old.
The model!
Clever attractive face!
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