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Mother - Jenabeau's Lucille
Father - Notre-Dam Arturia*RU

Ours Lanselot, the knight of blue blood, has left with charming Ursulla to the Omsk brought by a snow! There him the adult contender - the Siberian cat Mars to which newcomers have not liked, superfluous mouthes, besides the contender - the bride one, and gentlemen two! But cats is not people, having reconciled to destiny, they have begun to live amicably and happily!
The first trip on a summer residence of pleasure has not brought! Lansik is 11 months old.
Improving dream after country experiences!
Submits all friendly a paw!
And it is a photo became the winner of photocompetition! We congratulate!!!
Lansik became experienced, he is 10 months old.
Shaggy cat on a shaggy carpet!
Lansik in the new house, and each sound still guards!
The height has surrendered - has occupied a window sill!
Ланселоту is 8 months old and tomorrow he will leave for Omsk!!
Tail of knight Lanselota!
Farewell song.
Lanselot one day prior to departure in the new house.
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