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Selivestr Arturia*RU

Mother - The Addams Kimi
Father - Bravo Krasniy Dar*RU

Selivestr has left from us in situated near Moscow Zelenograd! Kunomama Tatyana tenderly calls favourite Semushka and very much is proud of victories over the First in life Semushka's of the Show-cats! We are very glad and we wish successful show-career!
Simeon YEAR!!! This Giant weighs 9 kg and his growth of 44 sm in height!
Thus Simeon very thin, as all teenagers)))
At exhibition FIFE the cat debuted with result 2 ŅĀŅ and a nomination on BEST IN SHOW.
On WCF he has closed the international champion, on other systems at once has closed titles of champions.
Here what Heavy-faced!
The mollycoddle on a sofa!
Siomushka is 9 months old. He whith happy Mum.
Siomushka grows and at length and width!
Tail - our pride!
Tail! Tail! Tail!
Mum's pride - the First Exhibition - the First Victories!!!
The charming cat has charmed all!
Well, unless it is possible to judge a kitten with such serious face?
Smile, Misters! At you in hands the MIRACLE!
Siomushka is 6,5 months old.
The kid - the Bogatyr!
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