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Mother - Eurica GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Klondike GOLDEN FAMILY*RU

Odechka has left for Situated near Moscow Lyubertsy. In the house at Afonichevoj Natalia already lived red-white smart cat Basia in a deep voice, young Coones Foksik. And after their company has filled up small coones kitty Moly. The cheerful amicable company! We are grateful to Natasha for magnificent care and love to our graduate!
Protection does not doze: she on the guard of the property! She is 1 year & 1 month old.
Observation post of the mistress of manor!
How many at Bonechka works on a summer residence!!!
It is necessary to survey a garden!
It is necessary to survey a court yard!
Personal room on a summer residence!
Cats the beginning...
... And her fluffy !
Pending trips on a summer residence!
Table - a place of the review, it is necessary to share!
And a rural life - in wonder!
Rural decline - a riddle for the young kitty!
9 months "roof" for the kid))
At Bonechka there was a younger little sister!
Ah as warmly!
The first birdies, the first florets, Spring!!!
The bright May sun forces to blink)))
Hunting for the Solar hare!
The first Cats-Show - the first victories! We congratulate from the bottom of the heart Natasha and her favourite!
Bonia has received in junor-group two 1 and two nominations on BEST!
Odechka-Bonechka is 7 months old.
Baby the window sill became short.
The first days in the new house!
Has chosen a rack!
Well here, have eaten...
... Now it is possible to have a sleep!
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