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Susanna Arturia*RU

Mother - The Addams Kimi
Father - Bravo Krasniy Dar*RU

Svetlana long waited for the first Ramzes(Rem), almost since his birth! And while he grew, Svetlana has solved, that the bride is necessary to the boy and has reserved Susanna  (Uma)! But when she has arrived to us to cattery for Coones has left not with two kids, and with three!!!! To the third became Q'Hetta (Tigrjonok), she became second bride Rem, and she became mum of the first descendants Great Ramzes's!!! At them two sons, Neogen and the Neptune, and a beauty a daughter the Najad were born! We think, these are the first Coones kids, born in Saratov!Now turn Uma!
Smart Uma in a magnificent fur coat!
The favourite bowl causes a smile at Uma!
Fountain of moustaches and eyebrowes!
Have found!
Kitty loves Mum!
The sweet kitty!
It is sweet sings!
The early bird, oh, early rises!
We shall be pulled!
Well, will suffice to blind me flash!
Uma is 4 months and 1 week old. She & Ramzes & Tiger have arrived to Saratov.
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