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Mother - Milanna GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Simba van de Zandeplas

Svetlana long waited for the first Ramzes(Rem), almost since his birth! And while he grew, Svetlana has solved, that the bride is necessary to the boy and has reserved Susanna  (Uma)! But when she has arrived to us to cattery for Coones has left not with two kids, and with three!!!! To the third became Q'Hetta (Tigrjonok), she became second bride Rem, and she became mum of the first descendants Great Ramzes's!!! At them two sons, Neogen and the Neptune, and a beauty a daughter the Najad were born! We think, these are the first Coones kids, born in Saratov!
The fur coat should shine cleanliness!
Ears on top!
Fight who is more senior!
Happy mum, the happy daughter!
There is nothing better handles of Mum!
Closely and on a window sill!
Bath - favourite vacation spot!
Dream - rescue from stress!
Mum, where you?
In a heap - not so it is terrible!
The first dream in the new house!
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