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Mother - Jenabeau's Bluebelle
Father - Ontario Arturia*RU

Male cat the Viking has gone to live to St.-Petersburg  as the groom to young kitty! The boy has quickly accustomed, and for good behaviour boy, Irina Orlova, the mistress cattery, has brought to Viking the second bride. Now the boy has a mini-harem))))
Proud Irina with the 11-month's Viking!
Maine Coon? You have deceived! He/she is the Shanghai Leopard!
Admit, where has thrust the curious nose?
Tsar of mountain!
Has fallen asleep at a lesson of mathematics!
Poor orphans!
You saw yourself in a mirror? What you the Viking? The Chinese Emperor!
It is tired has fallen down from legs!
As all is close! Has hardly squeezeed!
Here such height!... Or lengths! How to look)))
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