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Mother - Milanna GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Simba van de Zandeplas

In the evening on March, 10th, 2007, Olesya has arrived to us for Leo, and next morning was again at us! She has taken away from us Queen! Unusual color of the kitty so has fascinated young breeder, that the kitty all the night long asked her to take away in a dream her to itself! Here so, THEM became two!
Queen is 1 year and 1 month old - the first professional photosession!
Pose 1: "Suslik", executes Coon!
Pose 2: " the Sweet girl ", executes the sweet kitty.
Pose 3: " Venus Milisskaia ", the same performer.
Wait to remove... I shall sit down beautifully...
Chimney figurine))
Mum loves me and is proud of me!)))
I shall please- favourite mum with the beautiful extension!
I have outwitted destiny!
Now it is possible and to relax!
My home! The sweet home!
It is necessary at once to the brother to show, who in the house the owner!
As we are glad, that we again together)))
Family photo for memory!
Now the daddy sleeps not with mum!
Ah! As it is sweet full children sleep!!!
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