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Mother - Jenabeau's Bluebelle
Father - Ontario Arturia*RU

Murlysha has driven mad all Zaharov's family  as soon as we have placed his photos on a site! Also continuesto do it by the charm, mind, tender customs of the baby, love to all and everything, and the dimensions! In 11 months he weighed 16 kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Murlysha is 11 months jld and...
Huge Baby-Coon! He weighs 16 kg!
It is surprised! Have deceived! It is flash, instead of a birdy! (((
Mum we shall measure in Coones!
Here I sleep, and parents - on a carpet in a corridor))))
We grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also we become experienced!!!!!!!!
The hookah - favourite has weakened!
Closely! Will be a little!!!
The new record is taken! The window leaf is subdued!
The kid always advanced contempoparies in c!
The stool is small!!
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