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Mother - Hilary GOLDEN FAMILY*RU
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

Garfield as-as if from an animated cartoon, was very bright and picturesque kitten! He Also has got in remarkable family where madly love animals! What letters send us with stories about Max!!! Here something: "...Maine-coons it is a mix of a cat, a dog and the person (still more many animal which he reminds us) in general, at all cat)))... Very much likes to sit on hands and in a lap, but not simply to be ironed, and thus to observe, catch, play... Coon - simply handsome man. All we look at him and in any way we can not admire. He brought to us toys, but we did not give to it value. After your letter have started to throw a ball, really brings, waits When it is again thrown, even it is sometimes direct in hands puts... "
The Boy is 8 months old, we was not simple to find out him in such smart fur coat!!!
Here it is more safe!
Winter! The sun shines, instead of heats!
The face from the daddy, a fur coat from mum))
Kid is 4 months old, are last photosession in his native home!
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