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Mother - Luxora GOLDEN FAMILY *RU
Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

This small beauty has moved to live in the Tula cattery to Elena and Andrey Vvedensky already third our graduate! She at once has understood, that the mistress - the property senior Rysusha (Lynx) and did not begin to challenge a palm tree of superiority. Her strategy was faultless she has won: greater love of the Head of the family, than has made happy him and has secured itself against a competition!!! "Li'sa" (the-fox), have named the Baby in the new house, on a hint on fox it is sharp-witted!
Lisa is 6 months old, and she has won at the first Cats Show!!!
She has subdued all in Cats Show and has received two nominations on Best Kittens!
And it is not odd! In the 6 months she weighs 4 kg!!!
Being the most younger in a class of "Kittens", she was looked by their MUM!!!!
The fox has left from us for 4 months, and here 2 weeks lives in the new house!
Members of household have met her with heat and love!
And how it is possible to not grow fond of this clear head-seductress?)))
And the baby has accepted the new home!
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