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Father - Platinum Arturia*RU

King the Lion has left for Samara in the most snow day on January, 3rd, 2009. Tender and sociable King-lion has easily justified the high rank! In nursery " Imperial-Coon " he became the most favourite kitten and the kid have named Simply left!
As early as a year and the boy becomes absolutely adult Coone-male-cat!)) Lyova is 4 years old!
Experienced animal!))))))
12.11.11 Leova again at the Cat's Show, WCF, Penza.
At the moment of photosession Lyova is 3 years and 3 months old.
The seal has grown up, was distributed in breadth))
He has a fine Show standard!
For years of Cat's Shows the seal has learnt to pose and draw to itself attention of public.
And though his career has already stolen up to Euro Champion, he does not love another's hands and extensions))
We wish Lyovushku Happy birthday! Since 3th years!!!
He almost adult, and likes to play, as the kid)))
Leova is winner and the nominee of the Cat's Shows, the father of elite kittens and the magnificent daddy)))
At home It is left the favourite for owners, and for cats simply Tsar! However, with the Tsarina does not argue)))))
Leova is 1,5 years old. And his Coon's charisma all becomes brighter!
- Everything from above is visible to me, you you can be sure of that!
The hero of our time! Leova is 1 year 4 months old.
The kid, well-cared, indulged has grown!)))
It is young and beautiful, as Coon's God!
What to become! What grace!
The butterfly though and drawn, it is always interesting!
Tango - solo))
It is simply left again the WINNER!
Also is proud of it! Well done!!
Ura!!! It is left became the daddy!
And the daddy from him has turned out gentle and careful!
May walk in a wood!
All is interesting, the wood attracts!
Genuine surprise!
There the birdy has started singing!
Here the butterfly has sat down!
Let's go more likely! Forward!!!
Show Cat's! Victories!!!
Colourful sockets! Brilliant cups!
Everyday lives of exhibitions!
Extensions, examinations!
Kitten is 7,5 months old.
Silent everyday lives prior to the beginning of show-career...
All members of household have met the kid with love!
Leova is 5 months old and he} only has moved to the new house.
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