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Madonna's Madison Jade van de Zandeplas

Mother - AE-Madonna
Father - Nino Witsjok

To have in cattery white Maine Coon was always a limit of dreams!!! We did not think at all, that the dream becomes a reality when were on a visit at our friends in Holland. Their familiar must moved to the PERMANENT RESIDENCE to Canada and have suggested us to buy from them female cat, 2 years old. We have met the offer without special emotions. But when they have got from a huge white cat!!!... We did not bargain at all! And here this Sparkling Snow Queen at us!!!... Has not passed also month as she has received two CAC (FIFe)! Now she lives in home of our friengs!
Our Snow Queen almost adult, she is 4 years and 7 months old!
Greeting of Her Majesty!
Dazzling beauty!
Her Majesty does not shun to be the nurse!
Indulgence of Queen! Her majesty is 4 years and 3 months old.
All royal host! Porcelain, the truth!
Smile of Monna Liza!
She is tired!
Queen on a background of the retinue.
It is sweet it is yawned!
Medison-Snow Queen is matures, grows. She is 3 years and 3 months old.
Her Majesty like to look at all with it is high!
Royal blood is visible in all: in a bearing, in a sight, in skill majesticly to keep!
Royal protection - claws, canines, force!
How to you our Beauty Unearthly?!! Madison is 3 years and 4 months old.
Ura!!! The photographer, catch success!!!
... And to pose does not want!!!
has still grown...
Wings?! Legs?!... The Tail!!!
- Snow-white Queen from green Holland!
Good kitty have good appetite! 13.01.06
And you could sleep here so?
13.01.06 The first Russian Old New Year!
Maddy is 2,5 years old and she is a leader!
Snow Queen! 25.12.05
Comparison. 24.12.05
Maddy 2 years and 5 munths.
Judges highly have estimated the emigrant from Holland!
Maddy was born 28.07.2003 years.
Maddy has arrived to Russia and a month later has got on the first Cats Show.
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