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Mother - ATHABASKE'S LEYVA (Has died)
Father - Forest Ghost's Robin

Ksjusha was born in our cattery. Her mum is Leyva. Ksjusha lives at our friends in family Tatiana's Artamonova where she feels like Queen and very - very much favourite girl!
Ksyusha is beauty! 2,5 years.
It's not a fright - eyes at me such! 2,5 years.
The model will envy my legs!!! 2 years.
I want to be photomodel! 2 years.
1,5 years
1 year
2,5 munths
These eyes opposite!.. 2,5 munths
2,5 munths
Ksyusha was born in our house. 1,5 months.
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